Perazzi s.r.l. Production


-Under seat cross members
-Anti-intrusion cross members
-Waist reinforcements
-Chassis and bodywork fittings


Profile forming


Profile forming is a process in which cold-worked sheet metal is deformed by feeding it through pairs of shaped rollers to give it the desired shape (profile).

With profile forming technology, all "U" or W"   section profiles can be created, in addition to those which clients provide specific drawings for.

Experience acquired in thirty years in the business, and the constant technological improvements introduced in the manufacturing processes, allows us to meet the requirements of our customers for any type of profile.


Progressive moulding

All types of moulding are carried out, cold-worked, conventional, transfer and progressive.

With our own fully equipped tools and maintenance department, all works necessary to keep manufacturing equipment in first-rate condition, to continue to satisfy customers, are carried out.


.Wire bonding

3.a Spot welding

Spot welding is carried out in robot-controlled enclosed areas to ensure design specifications requested by customers are executed with the utmost precision.  


3.b Projection welding

We have a projection-welding department fully equipped with special automatic devices to orientate the screw nuts and bushings that keep the component correctly lined up with the holes, and keep the threads clean.

3.c Wire bonding

Special automatic systems that create a continuous seam are used for this type of weld, thus ensuring a perfect weld. 







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Barre antiurto
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